Safely Exhibit Quilts the Professional Way

This free-standing and highly portable Quilt Display Stand w/ Case will fit nearly any size quilt.

Specifications & Dimensions

  • Quilt Display Stand set includes two tripod supports, crossbar, carrying case & maintenance tool.
  • Telescoping supports on either side extend up to 10’ high.
  • Telescoping crossbar extends from 5′ to 12’ wide and adjusts for a custom fit.
  • Weighs 13 lbs.
  • Carrying case included.
  • Commercial strength aluminum tripod supports and crossbar.
  • Safely holds up to 45 lbs. without bowing the crossbar.
  • Will fit a King-sized quilt with ease.


The telescoping legs extend up to 10’ high and the crossbar up to 12’ wide for a custom fit of nearly any size quilt. It is easy to assemble and requires no extra tools. The joint clamps are spring-loaded so adjusting heights is simple. A tool is included to tighten the clamps should they loosen over time. The tripod support base is adjustable to fit any display space.

The crossbar comes in two 36” sections that are joined together and then extended for a custom fit. Once the desired width is achieved the crossbar can be locked in place. Extra crossbars can be ordered for multiple quilt displays. Please view our video for a visual description of how to display more than one quilt using extra accessories available on our website.

Special Configurations to Display Multiple Quilts


To Display Front & Back

You will need one extra crossbar and two “S” hooks. Hook the “S” hook on either end of the crossbar (assuming you have already set up your stand). Now rest an extra crossbar on the bottom part of the “S” hook and you can display another quilt back to back.

To Display Three to Six Quilts Side by Side

You will need just two complete Quilt Display Stands and four extra crossbars to display six quilts. Follow the Front & Back directions to display four quilts on two stands. Now place an extra crossbar between the two fully assembled stands by stacking each end of the crossbar on top of the crossbars already in place. The anchor pin is just long enough to hold two crossbars. Then follow the Front & Back directions with the “S” hooks and you have a total of six quilts on display.

For custom display options and questions, please contact us toll free by phone or by e-mail. Tell us what you would like to achieve and we’ll try to help you find a way to do it with our versatile quilt display solutions.