Quilt Display Stand w/ Case


A New & Improved Portable Quilt Display Rack for a Polished & Professional Presentation


A New & Improved Portable Quilt Display Rack for a Polished & Professional Presentation

  • Expands to 10′ High x 12′ wide
  • Telescoping Lock-in-Place Crossbar for a Custom Fit
  • Comfortably Accommodates Heavy Quilts
  • Air-Cushioned Tripod Supports w/ Spring Loaded Clamps (Maintenance Tool Included)
  • Carrying Case w/ Individual Pockets for Supports
  • Commercial Grade Aluminum Alloy w/ Large Diameter Tubing
  • Fully Adjustable Tripod Base for Maximum Stability
  • Easily Fits a King-Size Quilt
  • Includes Two Side Supports, Crossbar (in two parts), Carrying Case and Clamp Maintenance Tool

This free-standing and highly portable quilt rack will fit nearly any size quilt, including a king-sized quilt, with plenty of room to spare. The telescoping tripod supports and crossbar extend to 10′ (120″) high x 12′ (144″) wide for a custom fit. The quilt display stand has a two-part telescoping crossbar that can be adjusted and then locked in place to match the exact width of the quilt on display so you are not limited by pre-set lengths which can detract from a polished and professional exhibit. (The minimum width is 56″.) These dimensions also make it an ideal frame for a 10’x10′ show booth. Will hold up to 45 lbs. without causing the crossbar to bow.

This sturdy and compact portable quilt display stand weighs just 13 lbs. and is easy to assemble. Breaks down to just 36″ and is stored in its own custom carrying case with compartments for each tripod support and a zippered opening which spans the entire length of the bag. This is a marked improvement over the original Quilt Display Stand w/ Carrying Case model.

Another improvement over the original model is the joint mechanisms. Instead of a tightening peg to hold the supports at the desired height, this new and improved model has spring-loaded clamps which cannot be overtightened and lead to damage. Should the clamps loosen a tool is included to tighten them up. But it is highly unlikely that they will ever break or crack. Should you need to tighten the clamp, be sure to insert the tool into the upper opening — not the lower. (See clamp image pictured from the back.)

This Quilt Display Stand is Ideal for Guilds, Shows, Meetings, Photography & Opportunity/Raffle Quilts. Here’s why:

Portability makes this quilt rack a must for temporary quilt displays, quilt photography and quilt design. It sets up in just minutes for a clean, professional quilt display. One of the most unique features is that the crossbar can be adjusted to fit any size quilt (min. 56″) for a custom look. Other stands offer fixed lengths that can make a small quilt look out of place. But with our new and improved Quilt Display Stand you can adjust the crossbar to fit the exact width of your quilt. This is especially important for Opportunity or Raffle Quilts that depend on polish and beauty to get the most sales!

Service & Replacement Parts

We understand that sometimes quilt racks come back from a show with a missing or broken part. Our commitment to you is for the life of the quilt stand. We offer spare parts from joints to crossbars and replacement bags. Just call our toll free number 888 878 1212 for help to guide you through identifying what you need to extend the life of your Quilt Display Stand. Replacement parts are inexpensive and easy to install.

Special Configurations to Display More Quilts

Extra crossbars and uprights can be purchased to multiply the display space using just one or two racks:

To Display Front & Back

Purchase two inexpensive “S” hooks at your local hardware store. Hang one on either end of the crossbar (assuming you have already set up your stand). Now rest an extra crossbar on the bottom part of the “S” hook and you can display another quilt back to back.

To Display Three to Six Quilts Side by Side

You will need just two Quilt Display Stands and four extra crossbars to display six quilts! Follow the Front & Back directions above to display four quilts on two stands. Now place an extra crossbar between the two fully set up stands by stacking each end of the crossbar on top of the crossbars already in place. The anchor pin is just long enough to hold two crossbars. Then follow the Front & Back directions with the “S” hooks and you have a total of six quilts on display. If your quilts are smaller than a twin size, you could ostensibly fit two quilts on one crossbar as long as the combined width doesn’t exceed 144″.

For more display ideas or if you have questions specific to your requirements, please contact us toll free by phone or by email. Tell us what you would like to achieve and we’ll try to help you find a way to do it.

Customer Reviews

“I decided to order your stand because I was not happy with the stand that our local quilt guild had. It was made with PVC pipe and was difficult to transport and heavy. Yesterday I was loading my truck with tables to attend a local flea market on Saturday to display our Opportunity Quilt to sell tickets to raise money for our guild, when the UPS truck came by. I was so thrilled and excited. The package arrived just in time. When I got to the flea market, our president of the guild was there and I showed her the stand and how simple it was to set up and to hang the quilt. We were both impressed by the easiness and sturdiness of the frame. It is now displaying our quilt, and I will be using the stand a lot in the upcoming year. Thank you again.” –Elizabeth C., Chase KS

“Our fundraiser was Saturday. I love the frame. The quilt was displayed so beautifully. Looking forward to using the frame for future fundraisers. Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and assistance. Your service was prompt and I easily made my deadline for the school display date. Thank you again. (Also, the video on how to set up the frame was very helpful.) —Pam K., Tucson, AZ

“Love the racks!” —Joyce D., Ogallala Quilt Society, Dimmitt TX

“This will be the third stand that we have ordered for our quilt club. It is so easy to set up and store. Our quilts look so beautiful when they are displayed on your stand. Thank you.” –Kay O., Mascoutah IL

“Borrowed it. Loved it. Must have my own.” –Susie H., Wills Point TX

“I am a Board Member of the NSQG Quilt Guild. Our president sent us an email of your fabulous product. Had never really thought about getting a single quilt rack. Great idea for display and taking pictures for contest entries.” –Lisa E., Barrington IL

“Received the Display Stand today. It is wonderful. I set it up and everything works perfectly. It is so much nicer than the older ones we have been using. Looking forward to using it at our guild meeting when we get back together in January. Thanks.” — Pat W.